I have left Bin Weevils and blogging forever. A World Of Bin Weevils is discontinued.


Hello Weevils,

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that I have permanently left Bin Weevils and blogging. This blog will remain open, but just as a resource for future references. After 4 years of weeviling, I think I have had my time.

I left the day before sponggoo5000’s 4th birthday, the 24th June. Thank you to everyone for their kind comments and emails, they mean a lot!

Thank you everyone who has helped me on my journey to what I am now. Eddzy (who left last year) introduced me to blogging with his blog, Bin Weevils Mania, which has since been shut down. Back then he was called sprite44. Thank you to all the Bin Weevils Team for making this all possible. Thank you to all the Bin Weevils bloggers who have blogged beside me all this time. Thank you to judisue (who left 2 years ago) for inspiring me with Weevily World (www.weevilyworld.wordpress.com) to become a blogger. Finally, thank you to all the staff who, over the years have assisted me with the making of this blog.

Goodbye, and thank you.


sponggoo saying goodbye


Welcome to A World Of Bin Weevils!


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Hello there!

Welcome to the wonderful site of A World Of Bin Weevils! This site gives you all you need to know about the bin-tastic online game: Bin Weevils! This blog has everything you could ever want! For some amazing codes (including some ones for DOSH!) Wordsearch and Crossword answers, the latest news and instructions on how to do glitches and so much more, simply explore the website! There are tips, tricks and even competitions with some bin-tastic prizes to win!! I hope you have what you need on this site and if there are any other questions, please contact us on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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AWOBW Aniversary Party A Success!

Hi Weevils!

Thanks to everyone who came to the A World Of Bin Weevils 4 Years Anniversary party today! We had a good tunout of up to 10-15 weevils at one point and unicron7022 came along for a little while!

We all hung around at Flum’s for the first half of the party, then I invited everyone to my nest for the second half.

And here is a video of the highlights of the event with my narration over the top:

Thanks again to all the turned up!

For the latest updates from me, check my Twitter @sponggoo5000

See you guys in June!


1 Week Until I Return! (DETAILS)

Hi Weevils!

As you may  have worked out, I am returning to the Bin on the 3rd February 2017 for this blog’s 4th anniversary! 4th! If this blog wass a human, it would be getting ready to start school! Crazy.

Anyway, I have details of when and where in the Bin I will be spending a couple hours catching up with all of you guys:

When: Friday 3rd February 2017 from 4pm onwards

Where: Grime

Place: Flum’s Fountain

I also have over 40 free places on my buddy list – if anyone is interested in that little incentive 😀

Also, do you want me to record the entire event and upload it to my sponggoo5000 YouTube account? If so, do you want it to be like my ‘TheAidanator’ videos and have a facecam, or do it like my old videos and just have the screen recording? Let me know down in the comments!

Anway, I hope to see you in a week’s time!



I am returning in a month!

Hi Weevils!

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I am returning to the Bin to celebrate A World Of Bin Weevils’ 4th Anniversary on Friday the 3rd February 2017. More details, such as what time, what place and which Bin will be confirmed closer to the event!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 year since I created this website!

Anyway, I hope to meet up with as many of you as possible and make sure to let as many weevils know as you can – as I know that not many weevils regularly look at this site.

Thanks again for the support and I can’t wait to meet up with you guys in a month!

Yours Bincerely,



5th birthday & 1 year leaving anniversary party A SUCCESS!!!

Goooood morning evening afternoon my weevily friends!

Earlier today I hosted a Meet & Greet at Nest Street and my Nest. A bunch of weevils turned up and I had a blast! Here are some pictures:

I want to say a massive thanks to everyone who turned up – Farr, Beano160, itsfinny, monty200 to name a few.

itsfinny livestreamed the event, and the not-live version can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSeFPea0Xj0

While on YouTube, make sure to Subscribe to my personal channel that I moved from Bin Weevils onto doing! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNWSSLbKQhIwA7eJEdHznTA

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who turned up!

The next occasion I will celebrate by meeting you guys again in this Blog’s anniversary on the 3rd February 2017!

See you then!


I am coming back for a day!

Goood morning evening afternoon, my weevily friends.

I’m not sure if anyone still checks this blog, but hey – if you are reading this, please tell anyone you know who knows about me! Your buddies, your siblings, parents, dogs, resident parakeets, neighbouring beavers, you know.

The 24th June 2016 marks sponggoo5000’s birthday on BinWeevils and also exactly a year since I left BW and blogging. So, to mark this ‘anniversary’, I am returning to Bin Weevils to meet some of you guys! Here are the details:

Bin: Grime

Place: Nest Street

Date: Friday 24th June

Time: 4:00pm (GMT)

I hope to see you there!

If you are interested as to what I moved from Bin Weevils to doing, here is a link to my YouTube channel, where I do skits, gaming, music videos, challenges and more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNWSSLbKQhIwA7eJEdHznTA


A World Of Bin Weevils’s 3rd Anniversary!

Hey guys!

Me again! Thanks for all of you continuing to view this blog – even though it’s been closed for 7 months we’re still getting 50-100 hits per day! That is amazing my weevily friends, thanks again!

Anyway, today marks the 3rd anniversary since I created this website, A World Of Bin Weevils. 3 YEARS?! Wow, doesn’t the time fly?

I’d like to thank everyone who has been here since the beginning for your continuing support – and all of you newer weevils too!

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve been doing since I left. Well, I have been incredibly busy pursuing my new hobby after Bin Weevils – film making.

I make regular videos and upload them to YouTube on my channel – TheAidanator. If you haven’t checked it out, make sure you do (and potentially subscribe too!) by clicking the big subscribe button below:


Anyway, I have bought a bunch of equipment to make my videos better recently and am nearing 500 subscribers, so if you guys can help that would be awesome!

I have also been busy at school – lots of stuff to do there as you may know if you’re in your teens like me!

But anyway, thank you guys for reading this post, it means a lot that you are still around!

Make sure to spread the word about this post – celebrate this blog’s birthday with as many weevily buddies as possible!

My next update will probably be in July on my weevil’s (sponggoo)’s 4th birthday and the 1 year anniversary of me leaving BW, which is on the 24th July.

I will see you then weevils!


Quick update!

Hey guys!!

Sorry I haven’t checked on you guys in ages, but I’ve been really busy! I missed you guys though. However, just make this clear – this post is not to say I am coming back – I’m just updating you guys on what’s happening in my life!

After I stopped weeviling, I began making skits, challenges and gaming videos for YouTube. However, my channel isn’t doing very well. I’m at 70-ish subscribers and I’d love it if you guys could drop me a subscriber – as I have over 160 on my sponggoo channel! Click the subscribe button below to visit my real-life channel:


Thanks guys!

Here’s a video I made about a quick update on my sponggoo channel:

Also, I’ve kept up website making etc like AWOBW, so my skills I’ve learned from AWOBW have really helped me – and I’m really grateful for you guys’ support.

I see we’re still getting a lot of views even though this blog has become inactive – which proves my point that I should keep it up as a resource base for data.

Also, WordPress has had a huge update since I left, which personally I don’t like, but it’s changed a lot and the graphics are much improved – maybe I don’t like it because I’m not used to it.

If you know anyone that has stopped coming to this blog since it became inactive, let ’em know about this post as I want as many people to know that I’m still… here? I guess is the right word.

Anyway, thank you guys for reading!